Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab Centers

Understanding dual diagnosis

Although it is a relatively new condition in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, dual diagnosis is now fairly prevalent and is commonly treated in many addiction treatment and recovery centers. Dual diagnosis describes a co-existent or comorbid condition that exists when an individual suffers with a drug addiction in conjunction with a mental illness. Dealing with this requires the professional help that you can only find in dual diagnosis drug rehab centers and programs that specifically target the condition.

In the field of addiction treatment and recovery, the terminology is most commonly used to describe one of the following combinations that an individual may be suffering with:

  • an alcohol and drug addiction
  • a drug addiction and a mental illness or psychological problem
  • a drug addiction and a serious physical illness such as cancer or HIV/AIDS
  • multiple drug addictions

For the medical professional, dual diagnosis poses quite a challenge when they are trying to help the individual suffering with the condition. Sometimes the addiction is the cause of the condition while other times the psychological issues are the cause. Therefore, treatment can become a complex, intricate process.

Additionally, past research has uncovered that dual diagnosis is associated with the following addictions:

  • alcoholism
  • amphetamines and methamphetamines
  • cocaine in crack or powder form
  • heroin
  • marijuana
  • prescription medications such as OxyContin or Vicodin

Past research has also revealed that the most common mental illnesses that are associated with dual diagnosis include:

  • anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • bi-polar disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • depression
  • schizophrenia

Where the drug addiction may be easier to treat and recover from by itself, the same does not hold true when we are dealing with dual diagnosis because of the complexity involved. Additionally, dual diagnosis drug rehab centers know that you cannot treat the addiction separately from the psychological problem. They must be treated simultaneously in order for the person to experience a successful recovery from the condition.

Getting help for dual diagnosis

As was mentioned above, the only hope that an individual suffering with dual diagnosis has of overcoming it and recovering from it is entering one of the dual diagnosis drug rehab centers that focus on this issue. However, finding one that effectively addresses your personal needs is not as easy as it sounds. That is where The Rehab Advisor can help.

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