Deciding if long-term drug rehab will be more effective

Drug addiction usually does not occur overnight; neither will drug rehabilitation. Thankfully, there are facilities, both public and private, designed for long-term drug rehab.

When it is necessary for someone to enter into long term drug rehab, and it is disclosed that the patient will not be allowed to receive visitors or phone calls until such time as he or she has reached a certain point in the program, the family, friends, and others should still offer their support and show concern.

While the patient is isolated, family members, friends, and anyone who wishes can still maintain contact. Cards and letters can be sent to people who are in recovery. They may be inspected to make sure that it is safe for the person to receive them and that they are not being used to sneak anything in, but that’s OK. Private things may have to wait a bit before they can be said.

Family members and others can ask if the patient may receive care packages. It may not be possible to send food, but if the patient can have things sent in (legal, of course), then boxes containing puzzles, appropriate reading material, playing cards, or even little mementos will be very welcome.

These, too, may have to be inspected. However, if one wishes, a list can be made of what all was sent in a package. When personal contact is allowed, the patient can then be asked if he or she received everything that was sent. If anything is missing or was damaged when it was given to the patient, then the sender can contact the proper personnel at the facility to assure that that does not happen again.

The important thing is that support and concern continue to be shown, before and until such time as there can again be personal contact.

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