Marijuana is not Harmless

Marijuana has gained popularity in America. It has also gained more acceptance in mainstream society and the media. There is currently a lot of political discussion of the legality and criminality of Marijuana. There has also been much debate on the medicinal or therapeutic value of marijuana use.

The current attitude in America about the use of Marijuana, and the belief that it is a “harmless drug” has caused marijuana usage to increase since the year 2000. Movies, magazines, music and T.V. shows glorify the use of pot and made it more acceptaqble in society. The opening of Medical Marijuana Clubs in California have brought weed one step closer to legality.

The truth of the matter is, Marijuana is not at all harmless. It is a social ill that causes many health problems, and externalities to the American economy.

According to the Surgeon General there is no health benefit to smoking marijuana. Smoking 1 joint is equal to the amount of tar and nicotine from smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. Many say pot is not addictive, and perhaps it is not as addictive as cocaine or heroin, but prolonged use does cause a physical addiction. The longer you use it the more your cellular structure changes to need the chemicals supplied by marijuana. Productivity in the workplace is lost due to the smoking of marijuana. Also, the use of marijuana costs the taxpayers plenty in legal and medical costs.
Marijuana is not at all harmless and shame on the media for making it appear so to the youth of America.