How to Spot Heroin Abuse

Heroin is one of the most potent and addictive drugs out there. Whether mainlining, snorting or smoking, a user can become addicted to heroin from the very first use. If you expect someone you love is doing heroin be sure to seek help from a drug rehab facility immediately. There are many tell-tale signs that someone is using heroin. It is a very difficult thing to hide.

These are the signs to look for to tell if someone is currently on heroin:

• The pupils of the eyes of someone on heroin will be very small even in low light conditions when they should be dilated.
• Slowed speech
• Loss of basic motor skills
• Drowsy and slow movement
• Heavy salivating and drooling
• Consistent “nodding off” during normal activities and abnormal hours

Signs that somebody has been using heroin:

• Holes and bruises in the fold of the arm
• Tiny scabs along the veins of the arm
• Bruises underneath the fingernails
• Wearing long sleeves even in hot weather
• Constant stealing or conning

Again, heroin addiction is one of the most brutal and deadly of all addictions, If you suspect someone you know has a heroin problem seek the help of a drug rehab center or certified addiction counselor.