Fewer Americans are Using Drugs

Approximately six percent of the American population older than the age of 12, which accounts for about 12.8 million people currently use drugs on a regular basis (approximately once every thirty days.) This number is much lower than the high in 1979 where 25 million people reported using drugs regularly. In spite of the huge decrease in regular drug users about 1/3 of people in amerce over the age of 12 have experimented with some sort of illegal drug.

  • 90% of those who have experimented used marijuana or hash.
  • 1/3 have used cocaine or took prescription drugs not prescribed to them.
  • 1/5 have taken LSD or mushrooms

The good news is nearly 60 million Americans who used illegal drugs during use, did not use these substances during adulthood.
I believe this decline is a direct result of drug awareness and prevention programs. Back in the 70s drugs were very popular after the boom of drug use in the 60s. People were unaware of the dangers than come with the use of drugs. After 30 or so years of research, People are more aware of the dangers and health detriments of drugs.
There are also more drug rehab programs aiding in the recovery of drug addicts and alcoholics. Plus, today there is less of negative stigma associated with drug rehabilitation.
It is great that the numbers of people using drugs has declined even though the population has exponentially increased. This is evidence to me that drug prevention and drug rehabilitation programs have been effective over the years.