About Cocaine

cocaine-and-razorCocaine originates from the coca plant. It is a very powerful, very addictive drug. Cocaine can be “snorted” (taken in through the nose), injected, or smoked. And, it doesn’t matter how it is taken, one way is NOT less addictive than any other.

Cocaine can be found in either powder or crystal form. When it is in a crystal form, it is called “crack” cocaine. “Crack” is usually smoked, and, no, it is NOT less addictive than the powder. When powder cocaine is “snorted”, the user can start having trouble with frequent nosebleeds. When enough cocaine has been taken in through the nose, over a period of time, the inside of the nose, as well as the skin that separates the nostrils, can be eaten away.

Cocaine can cause heart failure, seizures, and lung and breathing problems. It can kill a person the very first time it is used. It makes the heart beat very rapidly, which in turn can lead to a fatal heart attack. Using it just once can also cause a seizure; this, too can be deadly.

Continued use causes mental as well as physical problems. People who use cocaine tend to be paranoid: they feel like someone is “out to get them”. They can also be angry, irritable, or hostile, and this is when they AREN’T high, or even when they have not used cocaine recently.

Remember, cocaine is addictive, no matter how it is taken in. This can kill you the first time you use it. Its effects on the brain causes one to not be a very nice person – no one wants to be around somebody who is angry or constantly feeling like the whole world is after them. So, why do it? Ultimately, there isn’t a good enough reason to do so.

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