Types of Addiction Treatments

Thank God there are actually many forms of addiction treatment available today. Unless one truly feels that the only way to completely and totally break a drug addiction is by going “cold turkey”, a person no longer has to suffer from withdrawal symptoms as he or she would have in the past.


Addiction treatment can range from individual counseling to group therapy to support groups or programs that involve both the family and close friends. Other options include programs, which use “replacement drug therapy” (carefully controlled and monitored, of course). The most commonly used drug in this treatment method is methadone.


There is even one method of treatment in which the patient is placed under general anesthesia (just as if surgery was to be performed). Medications are then given, while the patient is unconscious that cause the body to go into and through withdrawal much more rapidly than normally.


Each of these programs offers different and unique ways in which the problem is approached and addressed. The person who is seeking help can obtain information on any and all of these programs, and discuss them with whomever he or she wishes, then make the decision as to which one to use.


The mere fact that someone is even looking into these programs is already the most positive step that can be taken in the recovery process. Family members, friends, relatives, anyone who is in close contact with the person who has made this important first move in conquering the problem should immediately begin showing support for and rallying around the person.

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